Tuesday, December 23, 2008

just a bunch of shilim

warning: these may make even less sense than usual because 1) i enlisted husband's help and 2) i have a cold and am not thinking straight. at all. let's hope it actually improves things...

warkemed - to be knocked sideways by the madness of the holidays.

agana - to doubt whether or not you want to become an agent while laying on a hard rock named Nanna

hysisor - those special vases you use to stand your hyacinth bulbs in indoors in the winter.

isess - that white residue left in the liquid at the bottom of a glass that has contained ice cubes.

canisms - positive mantras you repeat to yourself when you need courage. like the little engine that could, "i think i can, i think i can." or is it...all of these wacky definitions that don't really work out. as in one should have thrown them in the trashCAN. :-)

oudityl - idyllic setting in which the only thing that can be heard is the whisper of the wind in the grass and the birds singing. no children crying, screaming or demanding anything can be heard. an oudityl is especially enjoyed by parents of young children.

phynetto - the primary subdivision taxonomy of discount supermarkets.

delemath - a person who is very good at sharing.

reoceter - that eternal loop in your head when you relive a conversation and think of all the things you should have said.

colinted - when you forget to clean out the lint trap in the dryer and it takes forever to dry the clothes. as in, "no wonder this didn't dry, the dryer was all colinted."

terle - a common term among the scandinavian languages for the vikings' pillaging of the british islands.

shilim - to have your thoughts covered with a thin layer of snot (i'm not supposed to say that anymore, i know), so that they seem kind of far away and you have but limited contact with them. (i apologize if this already really is a word in yiddish with a completely different meaning that i don't know about.)

exargi - the total lack of energy you feel when you are sick but must press on and make 3 batches of cookies and a holiday tea ring. (i admit, these are becoming too autobiographical, so i'll quit now.)


tangobaby said...

I am THE FIRST to follow this blog! I feel like a rock star. But I have not read your entries so now must go do that.

ps. my verification word here was aburto.

Molly said...

snot snot snot snot snot snot snot snot snot snot snot snot snot snot snot snot snot snot

hope yrs clears ~ although as tangobaby said on MPC, it hasn't dulled your wit at all!

verification words is 'clots' - uh oh, we could be out of business if they start using REAL words more often...

tangobaby said...

I was totally going to say that a shilim sounded very Yiddish and then why bother because you already went ahead and said that! Total YES to canismns and colinted.

I really really think you've found your metier.

julochka said...

you guys are too kind...and i wouldn't be able to write any of these if i didn't rely heavily on danish. :-) nice that it's useful, since with only 5 million speakers, it's kind of a minor language. :-) (don't worry, husband knows i say that). and he helped on and agana and terle.