Friday, December 12, 2008

off to take a hialigge

hialigge - to take an afternoon snooze in a hammock while the sea breeze wafts over you.
gaiver - someone who re-gifts presents they receive.
chollnes -  excessively interested in floor coverings and light fixtures.
coder - (isn’t this a real word?)  a software programmer. :-)
shcal - a drop of hair-dye on the skin that just has to wear off because it sat there too long. as in, “dang, i got a shcal right by my ear today at the salon.” 
hinisha - a red-haired white girl who dresses up in saris and pretends she’s all bollywood. 
frilsha - a blonde white girl who dresses up in saris and pretends she’s all bollywood. 

rensitr - the assistant at the salon who runs and gets things for the hairdressers and sweeps up after haircuts.
relfulsi - the blisters you get when new shoes try to reject you. 
swauwq - really dry snow that won’t work for snowballs.
nalcomet - the person who is always rushing onto the metro at the last minute and holding the door open, delaying the departure. as in, “when i’m in a hurry to get to the airport, i hate the nalcomets at every station.”
aphies - that little itch you get on your nose at a moment when it’s impossible to scratch it, like when you’ve just immersed your hands in soapy dishwater.

can you tell i wrote these today while i was at the hairdresser? amazing how your location influences things.


Molly said...

seriously - gaiver should be a real word. do you think webster's will start visiting here to find new words for their annual editions?
do you think they'll love the banner as much as I do?
not possible.

d smith kaich jones said...

Frossi - A snowman's name.

:) Debi

Glenn the TOC said...

You could post five real ones and one fake one and then have people guess which one is fake. Just a thought.