Monday, July 27, 2009


tooddiss- a Facebook snob. One who realizes High School is over and can't be pressured into "friending" everyone who asks.

Jules is a tooddiss - just this morning she "ignored" two ladies from town on her newly established FB account.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


chaingy - a piece of jewelry that was meant to be genuine but after gentle rubbing turned out to be a piece of ordinary metal covered in cheap paint. More specific than just "a fake" which covers all kinds of... hmmm... fakes

you know that £1500 necklace I got the other day? it turned out to be a chaingy!

disclaimer: this example of chaingy is NOT based on real life situation


bilkies - when blogger has the hiccups (due to picasa being down) and won't let you upload any pictures. no matter how many times you try.

blogger has the bilkies at the moment and i hope they fix it soon.


ismstia - the overwhelming desire to make up theories in an attempt to have your own -ism.

my not completely-thought-out socio-economic theory of mobile phone ownership was a blatant ismstia.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


logen - The sea of difficulties regarding being logged in to Blogger and one's real Google account while also being logged in to Gmail and one's 'official front' Google account.

Use: The logen yesterday made Gladys believe that her precious laptop was in fact possessed and offering innocent applications to the netherworld beings on an altar. Google earth being one of these casualties.

Monday, July 20, 2009


jorsher ~ a sicko who does this in public.

I once had a jorsher on the beach. Once I got over my disbelief I stood up, grabbed a water bottle (the closest thing I could find, evidently I felt stronger with some kind of weapon, why should he be the only one with something in his hand?), and shouted at him to piss off.

The most insulting part, I don't even think he'd been looking at me, but at two topless chicks sunbathing a way off. Slappers.


cruddize - what happens to your brand new iPhone when everyone wants to fondle it.

dude, don't cruddize my iPhone....


bleranto - to go off on a rambling ranting comment on the blog of someone you hardly know and who moreover doesn't really know you.

the bleranto i just left on that's esmerelda to you, sir just now is probably going to seem really confusing disturbing to esmerelda (who has three personalities going and may already be slightly confused disturbed). but i couldn't help it, this 30 secrets thing is killing me making me insane.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


crebong - that bag in your childhood bud's mother's nightstand that you and that bud used to sniff at when she wasn't there while wondering what it was, before happily hopping away to go play with the bud's stash of barbies and/or my little ponies.

Use: That crebong was good stuff, but so were the barbies and the ponies.


scoaffen - the lengthy, rather wail-like, and extremely disappointed sound Extranjera makes when people who actually know her dare to suggest that she would ever own an old powder pink Chevy. Hers would naturally be mint green.

Use: Upon reading comments from julochka and B, the scoaffen Extranjera let out alarmed both hubby and the neighborhood dogs. All of whom have supersensitive hearing, apparently.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


soodirac - the slightly sick feeling one gets after eating a big piece of birthday cake. It only effects the birthday person (apparently)

word found - Julochka's blog secret about desserts.

usage - Jules just ate a huge piece of yellow butter cake with fresh strawberries and real whipped cream for her birthday (today 7-8-09) and she is feeling soodirac.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


skingli - the state of being more nationalistic about your heritage than the people who live in actual country of your ancestry.

erin's family in minnesota is totally skingli about finland.


upinylla - The way that Nicholas Cage's character Randy in the oh so classic Valley Girls gets when he discovers that his preppy girlfriend's friends are making her choose between the 'from the wrong side of the tracks' Randy or them.

Use: Randy is all upinylla while the girls at the sleepover are dancing around in their underwear, which is probably why teenage fantasies are the way that they are. Who ever danced in their underwear as a teenager, except for Tom Cruise in something like Risky Business.


foner - A person who in the crazy days of the mid 90s engaged in three-way phone calls on actual real phones with separate bodies from the receiver (wikipedia says they did exist) mainly discussing Barbie-dolls and their potential uses as pretend explosives. It has been rumored that the Unabomber modeled his evil ways on one specific foner. Having no one to call might have resulted in Unabomber's murderous behavior in the place of merely sending out Barbie limbs.

Use: Herman was a foner at heart, although he hated cutting up his precious Princess Barbie.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


fultroo ~ the full truth and nothing but the truth, as summed up, most eloquently, by Ext, on the subject of herself - winner of blogger accolades of note. Congratulations bullshit balderdash sistah!

This really was my verification word, y'all know this game well enough to know you can't make this stuff up!

(omg the post labels list has grown somewhat since last I was here! I suspect Ext is largely to thank for this too ... )

Thursday, July 2, 2009


uningica - what your brain produces (instead of thoughts) when overheated

usage: I was trying to think of something to have for dinner, but my brain is full of uningica.


Yewli- proper name. Used in place of Julie by children 4 years and under.

Usage - My little cousins could never properly say my name Julie - it was always pronounced Yewli. "Yewli, will you help me?"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


forfocks- When a blog post idea succeeds the first time and flops the second time, making you want to say bad "F" words.

Jules' "Tell me a story" post was a huge success a few months back, but has apparently flopped this time. This has left her wanting to say bad "F" words like forkers and focks - hence: forfocks!