Monday, June 29, 2009


stfilif: Trying to say "stiff upper lip" while trying to keep a stiff upper lip.  

Usage: She knew that she would be missing her bleep dearly, but she said, "I will keepif a stfilif while I papiently waitif. Itsa gonna be hardaba, but I canna do ip." Then she started blubbering and sobbing uncontrollably...

Sunday, June 28, 2009


sembleri - the assumption that the seagull flying directly overhead will not decide to relieve its load at the exact point in its trajectory that puts it smack above your head.

Use: Irma taunted mother nature by getting her hair done in honor of Liz Taylor going blonde. She was under the spell of sembleri. Irma now blames Liz Taylor.


wering - A form of rockwatching.

Use: Roughly half of julochka's tweets concern her newfound love - wering. They could be compiled into a book.


teridgr - A Finnish condition. Involves incessantly complaining of hot weather from the second the temperature rises to 22 degrees celsius, after having spent the entire year waiting anxiously for the summer and the heat to arrive.

Use: If you are already suffering from an old-lady's case of teridgr don't be having hot coffee all the time. It'll just make you feel worse. Grumble...


Aseetini - A Martini sneaked on the sly, while everyone else thinks the drinker is being all healthy and having water.

use: Victoria's breath in the direction of her purist aunt at the family dinner started what is now referred to as "the aseetini debacle of Thanksgiving 1998."


Conite - to covet one of julochka's helleristning-stones.

use: There are many bloggers who secretly as well as openly conite so much they practically slobber.

Monday, June 22, 2009


zartice - the longing for next blog camp

usage: the moment I left blog camp I started feeling zartice

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Hertster - A person who would very much like to marry a Danish man and is willing to start a blog in order to achieve this goal.

Seaside Girl is a hertster at heart.


Lonne - The sound of one's jaw dropping when one hears that Polly's name isn't actually Polly. Lonne also involves the complete denial of Polly ever going by any other name than Polly. Because Polly is Polly.


Doentre - The kind of atmosphere that comes about when one of the group is at home sick.

use: We all hope Kristina could be here to wipe away the touch of doentre hanging in the air.


Slyrs - The unprintable stuff that comes out of Extranjera's mouth.


Locarre - The awkward 15 minutes before julochka remembers to fill all of the blog campers' glasses again and the campers are still too polite to ask for more wine. Even though they desperately need more wine.


Flesse - A person who understands the Danes' unexplained love for flags enough to stop and take pictures of the flags all over the place.

use: B is a total flesse and reeeaaally proud of it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


watvara - sound emitted by eager blog camper when thinking about that blog camp is tomorrow!

usage: Kristina was watvaring all night and the neighbours were getting tired of it.


lickoust - uncontrollable licking (of the cheeks) of people you don't know that well. you know, to make them more comfortable.

watch out, there just might be a lickoust at blog camp. and you guys were afraid of axe murderers...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


tessalse- When the karma gods shine good fortune on you.

usage - after Jules stopped to help the stranded driver tessalse helped her find her lost $20 bill.

Monday, June 15, 2009


pranato - someone who puts bits of dark washing in with a load of whites. pranato is not a nice person because, accidentally or not, the affected washing never turns out okay.

variation of pranato would be repranato - someone who puts a red sock into someone else's white load thus turning everything sreaky pink. repranato usually does this on purpose, which is mean.


mutions - those mutated creatures that form in the tupperware at the back of your fridge, or in those pots you let sit on the stove for too long and which you are increasingly afraid to open with each passing day. because the mutions will definitely get 'cha. in fact, they're probably going to take over the world.


peoiesse - the beauty that peonies add to any table in june.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


metize = the act of making any conversation about me

usage - I tend to metize everyone else's blogs


fadlefru - a woman who spills wine in her food (thereby rendering it inedible and having to throw it away) (stupid "smart" ryanair plates which included place to "hang" said wine, plus snap-off utensils on the side (hence spilling incident of said wine (i realize i said said wine twice) due to extreme uncoordination of crazy amero-scando girl) and then proceeds to lick cheeks of lots of people who were 1) surprised and then 2) pleased--like entirely too pleased in some cases. so she had to escape. especially because todd benjamin was nowhere in sight (among the 2500 people at the party).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


spinessy - the itchy, achy feeling you get in your back after spending too much time in front of the computer

usage: I've been catching up on my blog reading and now I feel very spinessy.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


shicera: a load of crap served on fine china

Friday, June 5, 2009


norestr: what the wicked get

usage: I was trying to be good but failed, therefore I got norestr


nomsmalic - The despair one feels when they have opened too many websites at once, realized that one of them has audio (because Christina Aguilera is so not what they were listening to @ Spotify), but being unable to find out which one, so they have to turn out the sound on their computer all together.

It's happened too many times...


w.v. phable - when things are too go to be true, but it is true!

usage - Kacie's life is a phable right now.

found and used in Neo-Plains Woman's Blog after she received a better job and bought a new house in a weeks time.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


latess - i can't decide if this is the queen of late or someone who adores drinking latte in her tiara.

either way, fits me. :-)


ocandobi - to walk in one direction then after realising that that's not where we wanted to go in the first place, turn around and walk back

(I don't know why, but that's exactly what it means)

usage: I'm sorry I'm late but I've overslept and then ocandobied, again...


hylehyse - to hole up in the house, far from people. in order to be where they are not.

i totally hylehysed yesterday. but it was for the general protection of the public. then i made it hail this morning and now i feel better.

Monday, June 1, 2009


kincoc- one who keeps the party rolling

usage - Ext. is always the kincoc of the party.

Found and used in a comment for blog camp


stentee [v.] - accidentally putting salt instead of sugar into one's tea;

not to be confused with stencee, which indicates the same action, but where the object is coffee instead of tea;

usage: Paul thought he was being funny when he stenteed Polly's tea. Polly was not impressed.