Friday, December 19, 2008

enjoy your docizi!

chrickst – a particular muscular pain induced by rocking a baby to sleep in an increasingly uncomfortable position. No matter how bad the chrickst, a dedicated parent breathes through the pain until the child is asleep.

sessecti – permanent muscular damage caused by too many chricksts, the affected area tends to twinge when the sufferer hears a baby, any baby, cry. For the rest of his or her life.

buxtro – a corset-like top for women which comes with its own roll of body-tape, this being the only way of keeping it up.

docizi – Latin for a state of happiness brought about by thoughts of the weekend stretching ahead.

cleglaze - a slightly distracted expression which descends upon one midway through a Sunday afternoon, as thoughts of the coming week start infiltrating your docizi.

derct – a short note sent to congratulate a couple on their imminent divorce. Hallmark is due to release a range of dercts due to their increasing necessity, and popularity

1 comment:

julochka said...

i am markedly short on docizi at the moment and i don't really understand why...maybe it's the impending arrival of christmas and the fact that i haven't baked a thing...