Sunday, December 14, 2008

when you've got lembloq, you must ingstap

hedulta - those moments when you should set a good example and behave like an adult but you simply cannot.

lembloq - when your foot gets all tingly after you sit on it for too long.

ingstap - the crazy hopping around dance you do to get the feeling back in your lembloqed foot.

cogolat - the cocoa residue at the bottom of your mocha or hot chocolate.

esset - to triumphantly lay the winning card on the final hand of a declared "solo" in whist.

minglesy - to feel in the mood to attend a spouse's company gathering. as in, "ok, honey, i'll go, i'm feeling minglesy this evening."

proheap - to be injured getting off of the ski lift by the snowboard of the guy next to you.

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