Friday, December 12, 2008

I hope this doesn't drive you to crootace...

poldesse - some people's ability to carry on a long and boring story, seemingly completely unaware of the glazed expressions of their crootace'ing audience.

crootace - the serious consideration, when trapped in an extremely boring situation, to do oneself a physical injury just to get out of it.

weerob - a tiny little midge which dances in front of your eyes on still summer evenings, causing you to go cross-eyed and flail wildly trying to chase it off.

selogeau - a toothpaste stain down the front of your shirt.

mahabor - a small device designed exclusively for scraping dog shit off the sole of your shoes. It should always be kept outside.


julochka said...

i go all crootace everytime there's a parents' meeting at sabin's school.

laughing so hard...these are awesome!

julochka said...

hilarious, my verification word for that comment above was "brings," i've never gotten one that was a real word before! i've also never been asked to do one on one of my own blogs before, but that's another story.

Janni said...

I just got a good one: TATECU - the fun new family board-game, a must-have for the holiday season!!

julochka said...

although it's winter, we have a bunch of weerobs around the house. maybe from the christmas tree we brought inside.