Sunday, May 3, 2009


pocials - the facial you have to give yourself when the world is in the midst of GEC*, since spending money to get a real one seems kinda wrong.

* global economic crisis - does everyone have that now so i can stop typing it out?


Extranjera said...

I'm doing an avocado and red wine pocial as I type. Avocado externally and red wine internally. I'm hoping they'll eventually meet and give me that healthy glow I so desire.

Extranjera said...

And it's all affordable in these precarious times. Flat Roof Manor merlot R34 a bottle.

julochka said...

local avocados, i hope, you wouldn't want to have the CO2 guilt hanging over you...that's why i'm using cucumbers rather than avocados. tho' w/ the global warming, maybe we'll be able to grow avos too soon.


Extranjera said...

Avos should be from Durban (however, am not sure, found them in the fridge today, so they are pre-Zambia). Here it's the cucumbers that are from somewhere in Europe.
Only really focus on where wine comes from though. Bad environmentalist!