Thursday, May 7, 2009


anipf - the kind of mournful outrage a person causes when she informs her Ffriends on her Facebook status update that she is " kinda over Facebook and exists in other webby places from now on".

Use: The anipf that followed Myra's announcement caused her to reconsider her drastic decision.


julochka said...

i knew you hadn't left the house.

i did, but only briefly. to pick up the child. and buy her a new riding helmet since she already outgrew the other new one she got a month and a half ago.

and i keep doing that on twitter, but them coming back...

Sarah said...

I totally agree, I am really starting to hate FB and much prefer Twitter and Blogger, maybe that's because it satisfies my have-to-know-everything-right-now fetish.

WV: rupte: The way in which FB keeps changing its layout and stuff and makes random people want to abandon it for Twitter. Facebook RUPTE(D) their layout for the worse.