Friday, May 1, 2009


rablo - a blogger for whom one run-on sentence makes up a whole paragraph. This sentence is also often punctuated with, oftentimes inappropriate parentheses, as well as misguided use of commas, colons, and semi-colons. Furthermore, the sentence usually also contains problems with basic spelling and grammar, and unfortunate rablo-invented words. 

An experienced rablo can fool the reader into thinking that in fact she writes well, while the truth is that she so abuses the language that the grammar and syntax police should be contacted immediately. Rabloism can be contagious and lead to pointless drivel on several sites.  


julochka said...

i think you forgot to tag this with "i'm a big meanie"

and i never use semi-colons, tho' i probably should.

guilty as charged on inappropriate parentheses.

Extranjera said...

I dabble in semi-colons, but in a highly inappropriate manner, thoroughly rabloing away.

julochka said...

inventing words is cool. especially if they catch on. :-) i'm currently working on commenter (as in one who comments on a blog--rather than commentator, which my mac constantly tries to suggest i change it to).

Amanda said...

Holy cow! Note to Self: I must review my writing much more thoroughly from now on for fear of being called a rabloer.

Molly said...

Ok, ok, so you're talking about me. I get it. I am completely guilty as charged on the utter disregard for the right way to use semi-colons (and I have an English degree and a copy-writer SIL who's tried to explain it to me a gazillion times). But I can't help using them, 'cos they just look so cool.
I try to draw the line at bad spelling tho' (unless its intentional) 'cos I think that's just slack.
However, blogs are so personal, and often not intended to be read far and wide, that I think one should allow the blogger some license.
Rablo's of the world, UNITE!

julochka said...

cool this isn't as about me as I thought it was! it's about all of us. rablos of the world unite indeed!

Kristin said...

I particularly enjoy (and use entirely too ofter) the inappropriate (and generally unnecessary) parenthesis.

WV: fredupp, as in I'm fredupp with people who think that one should follow (and know) grammatical rules.

Extranjera said...

A can of rablos I seem to have opened. I was definitely referring to myself, as three hours after publishing my most recent post I realized one (and certainly not the only) of my sentences was so rambling and branchy that I'd completely forgotten to stick a verb into it.

I am guilty and (possibly consequently) also have a degree in English.