Sunday, May 17, 2009


corsed - a sort of pride a person feels when her evil ways have been singled out and respected on Twitter.

As in Herman felt completely corsed looking at the tweet on his iPhone in reply to his plan of taking over the world, in 140 or less characters. 


julochka said...

i'm still hoping to be called crazy lady. but evil is good too. of course, it was me calling you evil. i knew you would like it.


i used name box elder bugs that when i was little. i'd put them in a little box with a cotton thingie in it, so they were comfy.

Extranjera said...

I have been called a crazy lady and so has Herman. But he didn't like it nearly as much as I did. He felt that his manhood was being threatened, and that's why he moved onto world domination. All because of some masculinity issues. That'll bite us in the ass when he becomes one of the overlords...