Tuesday, April 28, 2009


fusned - someone who appears in public two decades after the 80s, wearing 80s stone-washed jeans and pointy lace-up short boots. and although not visible in this surreptitiously-taken photo, sporting dark charlie's angels (the original t.v. series, not the drew barrymore one) farrah fawcett-style winged hair:

oh, and carrying a really giant, very ugly white 80s-looking bag:


Molly said...

I LOVE taking (or attempting to take) surreptious photos of hideously dressed people.
I've always wondered how you get those jeans on? Let alone off after a long hot day's wear...?

Extranjera said...

This is a man, yes?
I can just never get why any guy would want an ass that looks that feminine (look closely on the second picture). Or actually, it might just make life more fun... for us.

Some guys are good entertainment all fusned, as long as they go all the way and do the Farrah hair too.

We should have a word for the hair though.

I'm on it.

julochka said...

sadly, it is not a man. definitely a woman. tho' a bit horsey-faced.

Extranjera said...

Really? That is so very, very sad. Now I just feel pity. I'm pretty out of the loop myself personal style wise, and I still feel sorry. Oh my.

Extranjera said...

It's only guys who can really pull off the kitch that is proper Farrah hair, nowadays.