Wednesday, April 29, 2009


dithylv - an ode to dead roses, often composed by distraught wannabe gardeners.

slang use: in gangsta rap can be used to signify vengeance, as in 'I be dithylving yo a** bro'


julochka said...

i'm not that into the gangsta rap, but do they often sing about dead roses? ;-) i can see the vengeance connection, tho' as a totally secondary meaning. like the roses' revenge on the gardener. i have a dead rose in my garden too, but i think they know i'm not really that fond of them. they'll all poky and prickly and stuff...

Extranjera said...

I'm gearing up to throwing these ones out, but am just a little too lazy to, and it just seemed like taking photos of them was a much better use of my time.
If I was gangsta rapper - one of my potential career choices - I would totally rap about "them expired rosez, in mah gahden, yo!"