Thursday, January 1, 2009

today was a real dagnock

hydrank - the big gulp of water you take in a dream to quench your real-life thirst.

aduckeyp - emergency squad for ducks requiring medical attention.

winfi - the colorful after-image you see in the darkness after fireworks are finished.

snessess - a girl snowman (or is that snowgirl?).

dagnock - an entire day wasted watching crappy movies from the late 80s on television. sometimes days like this are very healthy and rejuvenating.

rapoons - the pile of used teaspoons that builds up on the countertop during a dagnock.

dinsesse - to have an uncanny knack for flipping to a new channel just as a movie or program is starting.

alsesic - a wistful longing to go skiing.

respo - to obediently take any and all manner of chinese natural medicine that's handed to you without really questioning what's in it, just because you hope it will make your headache and your cough go away.

ardashies - children who are allowed to light sparklers indoors.

psworin - the tiny little burn marks on furniture, tablecloths and clothing left by sparklers that were lit indoors.


Barb said...

How the heck long does it take you to come up with marvelous, witty descriptions for these unusual words. Again, just loved it. Barb

julochka said...

clearly from the sporatic nature of my postings here, it takes me far too long to come up with them. and they're nearly always far too autobiographical. sometimes, like here, i have a good picture that i want to use, so i make up one to do with that.

today, i actually got out a huge (old) dictionary and looked up words that were kind of like the word in question and then constructed a definition based at least partly on the "truth," whatever that is in regard to the meaning of words. :-)

i'll admit i have to be inspired in order to write them, but i faithfully collect them...i've got small notes all over the house with WV words scribbled on them.