Thursday, February 12, 2009

a severe case of pershomi

i am overrun by all of the slips of paper that i have been jotting WV words on. i've been waiting for inspiration to strike and it has thus far failed me, but a glimmer of inspiration showed up this morning, so here you go...

kengst - the feeling of weakness in the face of some coveted object that's on sale for half the usual price, when you've vowed not to make any major purchases until your new paycheck starts to come in.  as in: i'm in total kengst over the red kitchen aid espresso machine that i saw in imerco yesterday. it's marked down to 4,000DKK from the usual 8,000DKK and they only have one. if i spend 40DKK every time i buy a latte at starbucks or in a cafĂ©, i'd have it paid for in a mere 100 lattes.

begaliti - the total self-justification of breaking vows not to make major purchases. the last sentence above was a begaliti.

obonings - constant nagging of husband to get a haircut. thankfully, the obonings have worked and he just came back from the hairdresser, looking much more himself again.

pershomi - a sense of longing for warmer, more exotic climes, brought on by reading travel memoirs.

lations - the hand sweats you get watching a child clear a particularly difficult level in super mario for the DS lite.

pardiness - a tendency to remain in one's pajamas all day long when one doesn't have to be anywhere.


Molly said...

did you crack and buy the espresso machine?

Angie said...

The red espresso machine is totally justified!

Angie said...

ampkagg - The feeling that you're overcome with when your teenager decides to practice guitar in your basement.