Monday, January 26, 2009

like pulling teeth...

i sat my sister and her boyfriend down last week in a cool copenhagen bar (bankeråt) beneath this rather disturbing lamp and asked them to compose some balderdash definitions. here's what they came up with:

outoon - 1.) a group of soldiers stationed just outside of enemy territory (mq) OR 2.) short cartoon at the end of a movie (jason).

muragon - an object whose number of sides equals a prime number.

salki - an alcoholic who drinks a lot of saki.

sifflo - the rate at which flour flows through a sifter.

winest - the basket that's often found around a bottle of chianti.

tessive - the handwriting of someone who tries too hard with their handwriting.

sixici - 600

getting these few definitions out of them was like pulling teeth. perhaps proving that you can't foist your obsession on others. and that this little venture requires inspiration.

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Just Jules said...

I was just commenting on the blog Neo-Plains Woman. She was talking about how she felt "weird" and was worried she was getting sick. I then noticed the w.v. was diesses. (disease that one dies from?) anyway had to pop over here quick and leave a note.