Thursday, February 11, 2010


perackwa - what you'd like to do to a child who publicly tells a different story than the one you've told.

usage...say, for the sake of the story that you spilled a very small amount of water into your precious macbook pro, then you find it won't start, so you take it in for repairs (neglecting to mention said spill - because no one asked).  then the child happens to be with you when you go to pick up the other computer, which was also in for repairs (and did not have anything spilled on it) only to have her tell the guy behind the counter, "but you spilled water on it, mom," when he asks what was wrong with it.  making you wish you could perackwa her into the middle of next week. but instead, you bite your tongue and talk to her about how neglecting to mention everything isn't really lying.

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